Monday, May 9, 2016

Amazing Response to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Battlefield 1 Screenshot
Battlefield 1
It hasn't even been a full four days since the unveiling of the Battlefield 1 trailer, and the response has been overwhelming positive, and the opposite has been true for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Will the game live up to the hype - time will tell. 

Battlefield 1 Trailer May 6- May 9

Views 19,500,000
Thumbs up 1,000,000
Thumbs down 19,000
Trailer length: 1 minute 19 seconds

Holy shit that positive reaction is amazing

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare  May 2 - May 9

Views 14,100,000
Thumbs up 260,000
Thumbs down 1,200,000
Trailer Length 3 minutes 24 seconds

Holy shit that negative reaction is amazing

Call of Duty screenshot - spaceships
Call of Duty screenshot - spaceships?
I really can't believe the response to either of these.  Now I like COD games overall, but there are many things I don't like.  I thought the trailer told an interesting story, and it looks like they could pull off an engaging campaign.  However, I have absolutely no idea what the single player and multiplayer game is going to look like, because it looks like such a departure for the series.  Therefore the trailer gets a thumbs down from me.  The COD trailer also features the David Bowie song Space Oddity, which just like the trailer tells a story, but a mellow song, no matter how good it is, is a very bad choice to introduce a first person shooter game to the world.  I could see it as a follow up to emphasize the tone of the campaign though.   

I think what fans are really rebelling against is the setting of the game.  Gamers are growing tired of future settings, many even want to see a return to the past.  COD is leaving the ground and its roots, which is completely new for the franchise.  In the end the actual game may actually gain a following, but it is off to a very rocky start.  The only thing that may save it, is its connection to remastered COD 4, which both delighting and annoying fans. 

The Battlefield 1 trailer also suffers from the same vagueness, but it is incredibly action packed, features a well done mix of the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army, shows the absolute brutality of WW I, and amazing action sequences.   It is also short, leaves your mouth wide open and stimulates the imagination. 

Since WW I has become a rather obscure piece of history in the United States it was a difficult feat to get this much interest.   So far the developers could not have done better.  Dice and EA still have their work cut out for them to produce a great game that is well balanced and fun to play. 

Battlefield 1 will have an open beta before release, and it will be interesting to see what the reaction is to the real game and if it will translate into amazing sales.  The Battlefield series of games has done well, but COD has had more appeal to the masses, could there be a new king of the fps?

Full Trailers
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Battlefield 1


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