Sunday, June 26, 2022

Fjordur Rock Drake Nest Location

The Rock Drake nests and eggs spawn in the Asgard world on Fjordur.  To get the cave with the Rack Drake nests you will first have to find the Portal Cave and travel to Asgard.  There are no special tributes, or requirements to use the portal.  Once there you will make your way to one of the sunken Aberration-style biomes and find the cave entrance.  To survive the cave you will need a hazmat suit, and to survive the Rock Drakes, you will need a strong tame, or be very stealthy.  I am not too sneaky so I prefer the brute force method.  At the end of the caver there are about six nests to raid.  

Rock Drake babies only eat Nameless venom, and since there are no nameless on Fjordur, you will need to go to another cave on Fjordur.  There you will find all kinds of Aberration creatures, as well as rocks that can be harvested for the Venom.  Good luck collecting, hatching, and raising some Rock Drakes on Fjordur.

Rock Drake Nest Cave Entrance - Asgard World

42.0   49.2

Portal Cave Coordinates - Regular Fjordur Map

Lat   Lon

40.3   57.5

Nameless Venom Cave - Regular Fjordur Map

56.7   84.7

Where to Find Nameless Venom on Fjordur - Ark Survival Evolved

There are no nameless on Ark Fjordur, but you can collect Nameless Venom from some nodes in the Aberration Cave.  Although it is easy to harvest the rock, getting there is not, as the cave is heavily guarded by Aberration creatures like ravagers.    

Cave Coordinates 

Lat   Lon 

56.8   84.8

Nameless Venom Coordinates

49.2   84.3

52.4   82.2

51.6   85.1

50.8   85.8

Fjordur Nameless Venom
Nameless Venom is found in nodes like this one in the lower left, on the Fjordur map.  

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fjordur Velonasaur Locations

Velonasaurs spawn in the volcano biome of the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved.  I find them spawning around the sulfur springs area.  Go tame a Velonasaur!

Fjordur Velonasaur Coordinates

Lat   Lon

79.0   85.6
81.6   85.6
75.5   78.1

Fjordur Deathworm Horn Locations

There are no actual deathworms on Fjordur, but you can find these fossilized deathworms and harvest them for horns.  Death worm horns are very heavy, so you might need to make a couple of trips to get them, but it is much easier that trying to kill deathworms!

Deathworm Horn Coordinates

Lat   Lon
80.9   77.1
82.5   79.1
82.5   79.1
76.6   77.9

Fjordur Deathworm
This lump of stone in the middle is a Deathworm.  Harvest the rock for deathworm horns. 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Ark Fjordur Cactus Sap Location

To find cactus and therefore cactus sap on the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved, you need to head over to the volcano biome in the southeast corner of Fjordur.  Once there, you will find burned-out cactus at a number of locations.  Here are just a few of them.

Fjordur Cactus Sap Coordinates

Lat   Lon
79.7   96.2
89.4   96.1
92.2   76.2
85.9   76.6
77.6   82.6

Where to Find Shadowmanes on Fjordur

You can find Shadowmane on the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved in the Asgard world.  To get to Asgard you must first go through the portal cave.  Once in Asgard make your way to one of two Aberration-type biomes where there are mostly glowing trees.  The Shadomanes can spawn almost anywhere within those areas.  

Portal Cave to Asgard

40.3   57.5

Fjordur Shadomane Coordinates

38.6   49.4
45.7   52.0

Shadowmane on Fjordur

Fjordur Gas Vein Locations

Gas veins only occur in one cave on the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved.  There is a portion of the Dvergheimr Cave on Fjordur that has an Aberration type section.  Take a little narrow shelf of a trail to another Aberration area and there you will find five gas veins that you can place gas collectors on.  Be careful because the cave and the gas veins inside are well defended!

 Gas Vein Cave Entrance

Lat   Lon 
86.2   05.3

Fjordur Gas Vein Coordinates

84.2   13.3
83.4   14.3
85.0   16.3
81.8   16.7
81.5   15.0