Monday, November 28, 2022

Corrupted Wood on Ark Extinction: What is it and Where to Find it?

The Extinction map of Ark Survival Evolved has corrupted wood, which can be used just like fungal wood.  The trees that yield corrupted wood are common, but you will have to travel outside the city to get it.  Harvest corrupted wood from trees with grey-blue leaves (they grow most everywhere in the wasteland) and the red wood-like spires in the northern part of the wasteland.  These sources of corrupted wood also yield thatch and crystallized sap.  With corrupted wood, you will be able to craft the Abberation items that require fungal wood.  

Ark Extinction Corrupted Wood
Corrupted Wood (same as Fungal Wood) on Extinction.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Ark Extinction Dino and Resource Locations

Here is a list of blog posts and associated videos on where to find certain resources and creatures on the Extinction Map of Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Extinction Dino Locations



Castroides (Giant Beavers)

Ark Extinction Resource Locations

Blue and Red Crystalized Sap

Beaver Dams

Silica Pearls / Silicate

Fungal Wood / Corrupted Wood

Tree Sap

Ark Survival Evolved Extinction Map
Ark Extinction Map

Basic Irrigation Setup in Ark Survival Evolved

Setting up a Water Supply in Ark Survival Evolved with irrigation pipes is simple and doesn’t cost much in resources, but there are a few crucial things to know if you have never set it up before.  The first thing you will need and is the most important is the Water Intake Pipe.  The water intake pipe is the start of the pipeline.  The intake must be placed in the water or where water is just below the surface.  I mean just below the surface.  Once you place it, and the grey stone pipe turns blue you, you are in the water business.  To get access to water or to irrigate crop plots, you will need a tap.  Water will pour from the tap and spill onto the ground, watering any crop plots within a certain radius, which covers at least four large crop plots, if you place them where they meet right under the tap.  You can also drink straight from the tap and place water skins, canteens, and water jars in the tap, and they will fill up almost instantly.  

Differences between Stone Pipe and Metal Pipe

There is no difference between metal pipes other than metal is stronger and can be damaged by fewer creatures.  Since I play PvE and try not to set up bases where tough creatures spawn, I usually only use stone pipe because it is much cheaper.  If it does get broken, it is cheap to fix.  Metal reservoirs do hold more water than stone ones.  

Metal Water Reservoirs, filled with rain, run together into a pipe intersection to water this greenhouse in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Water Intake Pipe
Ark Water Intake Pipe

Water Reservoirs

Stone and metal reservoirs both fill up in the rain the main difference other than health is that metal ones hold more water.   To get access to the water, run a water pipe from the reservoir and add a tap to the end of that pipe.  The reservoirs will not empty, unless they are filling something, like water jars in the tap’s inventory, or crop plots on the ground.  It may look like they will empty since water is always flowing from tap, which just visually indicates that there is water in the connected reservoir.  Multiple reservoirs can be hooked up to one tap.  The easiest way to set that up is to use a 4-way pipe intersection and place water reservoirs on three of the ends, on the remain end place the tap.  This set up usually provides more water than you need for plants, unless you are frequently drinking from the tap.  The other exception is a very dry environment, like on Scorched Earth.   

Ark Water Supply Setup
Simple water supply setup with one stone water reservoir, one stone pipe, and one water tap.

Ark Extinction Tree Sap Locations

Although there are what look like redwood trees on the Extinction map of Ark Survival Evolved, they do not have snap points for tree sap taps.   You can still get tree sap on the Extinction map, though.  Head over to the dome that contains the desert/Scorched Earth biome.  Find Joshua trees.  They are trees with a very shaggy bark and needle-like leaves.  Chop them down, and you will harvest tree sap along with wood and thatch.  The Joshua trees are common in this biome and are not hard to find.  Although it is more convenient to collect tree sap from a tap, there are plenty of trees to harvest, so you don’t have to go without sap.  

Trees to Harvest for Tree Sap on the Extinction Map
Joshua Trees on the Extinction Map can be harvested for tree sap.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

How to Drink Water in Ark Survival Evolved

Drinking water in Ark Survival Evolved is easy once you know how.  The simplest way is to dive into the water and go for a short swim.  In a few seconds, your character’s water is filled automaticly.  The better way to drink water is to stand in the water and hit the use button (N key - PC, Y - Xbox, trinagle PS).  If you are in the right spot you will take a drink and your water will be filled instantly.  You can even do this on the run, if you are being chased by one of Ark's aggressive dinos.  Not every little river allows you to drink, or you may have to move around until you get to the correct spot.  Your character's water will also be filled when it is raining.  

Soon you realize you need to craft a water skin, so you can venture away from beaches and rivers.  To fill the water skins, jars, and canteens, stand in the water, highlight the water skin, and hit the use key/button, and it will instantly fill.  You can do the same while in the rain, but you can't use it while swimming. The next upgrade is to set up a water irrigation system, which I will describe in another post.  

Red and Blue Crystalized Sap Locations on Ark Extinction

Red and Blue gems don't exist on the Extinction Map of Ark Survival Evolved, but you can use Red and Blue Crystalized Sap in their place.  With those, you can craft some of those Aberration items.  Blue Crystalized Sap is found throughout the map, outside the city, by harvesting the trees with gray-blue leaves.  Red crystalized sap is harvested from the red wood-like spires found in the northern portion of the map.  Here are some coordinates for the crystalized sap locations.

Red Crystalized Sap trees
Red Crystalized Sap "trees"

Red Sap - Northern zone

Lat   Lon

29.8   12.4
24.4   27.9
33.9   33.7
33.1   36.9
27.3   36.0
15.6   43.5
7.8   58.1
17.5   56.8

Blue Crystalized Sap Trees
Blue Crystalized Sap Trees

Blue Sap - Throughout the map, but here are some concentrations

52.4   78.9
61.0   84.9
68.8   44.9
50.9   19.3
33.9   53.8

Extinction Tree Sap Locations

Extinction Dino and Resource Location Playlist

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ark Extinction Otter Locations

Otters are an uncommon creature spawn on the Extinction map of Ark Survival Evolved.  Most otters can be found in the ponds located with the city, and also the subterranean area in the NW corner of the map (see coordinates below).  The spawns in the underworld are rare, and since the water there is expansive, I wouldn’t bother looking for otters in there.  Enjoy taming some Otters on Ark Extinction.  Fishing with otters gives you the chance of collecting silica pearls, which only exist in beaver dams on the Extinction map, however you can use silica deposits instead.  

Extinction Otter Spawn Coordinates

Lat   Lon

  • 49.8   43.5 - City
  • 45.9   51.8 - City
  • 50.0   59.1 - City
  • 48.8   29.6 - Green Obelisk
  • 23.4   18.5 - Underworld Flier Entrance
  • 29.2   20.5 - Underworld