Monday, January 30, 2023

Best Way to Tame a Tapejara in Ark

When you first encounter a Tapejara in Ark Survival Evolved, you realize that these flying reptiles are the most skittish creatures in the game.  Luckily Tapejara can be ensnared by bolas, the problem is getting close enough to one.  Sometimes you can get lucky and surprise one, or scare it into the side of a cliff where it will get stuck, but the following method works much better.  

One cool mechanic in Ark is when you eat a rare flower. Eating a rare flower near almost any creature will cause them to aggro on you.  This even works with completely passive creatures like dodos, Pteranodons, parasaurs etc. Put some rare flowers in your hot bar, get fairly close to a Tapejar, then eat a rare flower.  The Tapejare will turn on you an attack for a short duration of time.   When it does that you can hit it with a bola and start knocking it out with crossbow, longneck rifle, or whatever you have.  A harpoon launcher with a net projectile will also work, but I like the bola because there can be a lot of other creatures that attack you at the same time, and many can be quickly with a bola, which are cheap and faster to use then the net.  Before all of this check for dinos that you are not going to be able to handle, like brontos, for example, because they are going to end your Tapejara taming for sure. The bola trap is only going to hold for a minute, and there is a cool-down before you can use another one on the same creature.

If you find a high-level Tapejar you may want to lure it to a trap, this is probably going to take a number of rare flowers, and you are bound to get hurt doing it.  I just tame them out in the open, you risk a lot that way too.  Good luck taming a Tapejar.  They are really cool creatures, and are probably the best for flying around with a friend.  

Monday, January 23, 2023

How to Power an Air Conditioner in Ark

 An air conditioner is powered like most other electrical stations in Ark Survival Evolved.  Everything needed is crafted in a fabricator.  At the least you will need is an electrical generator, a vertical cable, an outlet, and gasoline.  Turn on the generator and snap the power cable to the generator.  If the cable is powered, the wires that wrap around the cable will turn yellow. Now place an outlet on the end of the cable.  If the outlet is powered it will shoot sparks.  With that simple set up, you are no ready to place the Air conditioner within three foundations of the outlet.  You will know the air conditioner is powered by the green lights on its base.  

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Ragnarok Oil Vein Locations

The Ragnarok map of Ark Survival Evolved has many oil veins where you can place an oil pump to get lots of oil for crafting.  There aren't too many oil rocks on Ragnarok, so the oil veins are a nice feature, and are spread out throughout the map.   

Ragnarok Oil Vein Coordinates (lat, lon)

Mountains near Viking Bay (3 veins) 31.7   34.2

Near the above location (1 vein) 34.5   35.7

Canyon (2 veins) 38.7   32.5

Mountain/Redwood border (3 veins) 39.2   64.1

Desert Resource Meca Location 1 (2 veins) 79.8   62.3

 - Location 2 (1 vein) 78.1   61.4

 - Location 3 (3 veins) 80.1   59.6

Peninsula Location 1 (1 vein) 81.7   39.4

 - Location 2 (1 vein) 86.7   39.3

Desert Islands (1 vein)  79.9   18.0

Desert Transition (3 veins )  66.5   55.4   

Desert Dunes (4 oil veins) 82.1   80.3

 - Location 2 (2 veins)  67.7  81.0

Other Oil Vein Coordinates not in video

30.4   36.7 (1)
42.1   55.2 (2)
32.4   68.3 (2)
36.2   61.2 (2)
35.5   63.1 (1)
72.2   53.6 (2)
81.7   68.8 (1)
80.8   66.2 (1)

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Ragnarok Silica Pearl Locations

Like most maps on Ark Survival Evolved, silica pearls are most often found in the deep ocean, of Ragnarok, which makes harvesting them difficult early in the game.  In this post, I mostly focus on locations that are either just offshore, or in shallow water, sometimes both.  Another good option is to raid beaver dams on Ragnarok for silica pearls.  

Ragnarok Silica Pearl Location Coordinates (Lat, Lon)

Easiest Spot  13.5   40.5
Canyon 39.6   38.8
Off-shore Swamp 41.9   12.9
Shipwreck   21.9   33.4
Shipwreck Cave Entrance  21.8   33.3
Western Desert 80.7   25.5
Offshore  67.7   21.1
MOTHERLOAD 90.8  18.2
Random Deep  54.0   7.7

Ragnarok Silica Pearl Map
Ragnarok silica pearl locations in video.  

Friday, January 6, 2023

How to Feed Tame Dinos in Ark with Feed Trough

To feed tame dinos in Ark Survival evolved, you can put the proper food in their inventory or place food in a feeding trough.  The feeding trough can be crafted in your inventory from common resources (120 wood, 60 thatch, 40 fiber, 8 metal) at level 18.  Place the feeding trough on the ground, or a foundation, load it with food and it will feed all the dinos within a circular area that extends about ten foundation widths from the trough.  You will know if your dinos are within feeding range of the trough by a little trough icon that appears above the name of the tame while looking at it.  This only means they are within range, not that they are eating.  A completely empty trough with still show the indicator over the name.  

One important thing to know about the feeding trough regards fish eaters.  Some creatures like the otter, baryonyx, and ichthyornis only eat raw or cooked fish meat.  Other carnivores will eat all kinds of meat, but they will eat fish meat before anything else.  Unfortunately, that means your supply of fish meat will run out quickly, and your fish-eaters may starve.  If you only have one or two fish-eaters, you might want to just put fish meat in the animals' inventory.  One other note is to keep track of dinos with odd food requirements, you don't want your titanboas, sinomocrops or other weirdos starving to death because you forgot to feed them with eggs and chitin.  

On single-player feeding troughs don't run out of food very quickly, but on a server they can run out pretty quickly, if you have a lot of dinos, plus food spoilage.  Be sure to check on, and top them off often.  

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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

How to Make Gasoline In Ark Survival Evolved

Gasoline is very easy to craft in Ark Survival Evolved, you don't even need to learn an engram or have a recipe note.  Gasoline is crafted in a refining forge.  All you need to do is add 6 oil, 5 hide, and something to light the forge, like wood or thatch.  Those Resouces will make 5 gasoline in Ark.  It takes 30 seconds to make a batch of gas.  I the industrial refining forge you will craft 100 gasoline in 30 seconds using a proportional amount of oil and hide. 

Ark Gasoline
Ark Gasoline

Getting oil in Ark can be a challenge at times.  To get a small amount of oil for a few gallons of gas to run a fabricator or electrical generator you can harvest trilobites or tek creature.  The best place to go on most maps is to harvest oil nodes, which are in the deep ocean or sometimes in snow and mountain biomes.   

Harvesting oil from oil nodes in the ocean will yield a lot of resources for making gasoline in Ark.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

What is the Greenhouse Effect in Ark Survival Evolved

Growing crops in Ark Survival Evolved is fairly easy, but getting good yields requires a little more thought.  To get started growing vegetables and berries you will need crop plots, fertilizer, seed and water, preferably water irrigation, so you won't have to worry about adding it. With those basic things, you will get vegetables etc., but if you want to get more vegetables, faster, you will need a greenhouse.  

Greenhouses are built just like any other structure in Ark, but they provide a greenhouse effect, which boosts crop production while reducing the amount of fertilizer needed per crop produced.  If you have lots a fertilizer, and space for crop plots you really don't need a greenhouse unless you want that first crop sooner.  Greenhouses do look awesome, and provide a bit of protection, but not much from hostile creatures and players.  

Ark Survival Evolved Greenhouse Effect Explained

In Ark greenhouse walls and ceilings provide a greenhouse effect boost, but there always has to be a greenhouse ceiling, or sloped roof above a crop plot.  Greenhouse doors and door frames provide no greenhouse effect.  The percent effect is displayed when you look at crop plot.  There can be a total of 300% greenhouse effect on a crop plot.  Each nearby ceiling or wall adds 15% greenhouse effect, so to get a total of 300% you will need 20 walls and ceilings nearby.  A greenhouse effect of 300% will make crops grow four times faster.  

Ark greenhouse effect display
The crop plot information displays the total greenhouse effect on the bottom.  

This weird structure yields a 300% greenhouse effect, even to crop plots outside the walls, as long as there is a greenhouse ceiling above. 

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