Sunday, February 20, 2022

Bola in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Bola
Bola in Ark

The bola in Ark Survival Evolved is an essential piece of gear early on, but surprisingly it is still useful late in the game.  When a bola is thrown it immobilizes smaller creatures and players alike.  When they can’t move you can move in with a slingshot or bow and tranq arrow to tame them.  Raptors can be hit with a bola and easily dispatched with any weapon.

Bola Ark Survival Evolved

Mid-game the bola is still useful in this regard.  Before you have great armor and weapons that can quickly kill raptors and similar dinos. The bola will allow you stop them so you can dispatch them, or run away. 

Resources to Craft a Bola

  • 3 Hide
  • 3 Stone
  • 15 Fiber
  • 10 Thatch

Recently the bola has been eclipsed by the net projectile for taming, and to some degree PvP, although it can be cut with a blade and the bola can’t be.  You can still weapons including the longneck rifle and other firearms when you are immobilized by the bola.  The net gun can be used to stop very large creatures up to Yutyranus making it much better.  It also is much heavier and can’t be crafted on the fly with easy to get materials. 

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