Thursday, February 3, 2022

Bows and Arrows in Ark Survival Evolved

Getting to level 10 in Ark Survival Evolved, and being able to craft a simple bow is a game-changer.  That term gets overused, but it is completely true in this case.  Being able to cause damage downrange, from a safe place, or even on the move is so much better than a limited amount of spears.  The crossbow is also a game-changer but that’s for the underwater game, or perhaps if you are an expert Ark grappling hook kind of person. The compound bow in Ark is a nice upgrade, but it really doesn’t feel like you suddenly skipped three grades, like the simple bow can.

The amount of creatures that are now realistically tameable has gone up by an order of magnitude and that means your ability to gather resources, move around the map, hunt and defend yourself is now off the charts compared to roaming the beach with a spear and slingshot.


Ark Survival Evolved Bows

Simple Bow

As already stated above the simple bow is a true early game, game-changer.  It is super easy to craft and repair in the field, as are stone arrows.

Ark Simple Bow and arrow
Simple bow with stone arrow - Ark Survival Evolved


When I have unlocked the crossbow I completely stop using the simple bow.  It is a major upgrade from the simple bow, it has a higher damage output and can be used underwater or with a grappling hook.  Crossbows are crafted in the smithy and require metal ingots, so you are going to need a forge.

Compound Bow

The compound bow is a really an advanced weapon in Ark that really on shines with the use of mental arrows.  Craftable at level 79, and in the fabricator the compound bow is a beast with metal arrows, but it is often overshadowed by the crossbow, because by the time you reach level 79 you have likely found a mastercraft or higher level bow or blueprints that exceeds the damage of a primitive compound bow, even with metal arrows. Higher level compound bows and blueprints are rare finds in loot crates etc. but it is possible.  I have gotten several, but I find the crossbow more versatile, and often easier to find the resources to make.  


Ark Survival Evolved Arrows

Stone Arrows

Stone arrows are easy to craft, only costing 2 thatch 2 fiber and 1 flint, and work with all bows.  The nice thing about all arrows is you can usually get them back by walking over them when they are on the ground.  

Tranq Arrows

These arrows are made by combining stone arrows with narcotics. Once you have these you can really start taming creatures  

Metal Arrows

Metal Arrows are crafted in the fabricator and only work with the compound bow.  They turn the compound bow into a high damage weapon.  

Flame Arrows

Flame arrows are just plain fun, but require propellant to make, and that requires sulfur and cactus sap, which isn't available on all maps.  

Ark Flame arrow and crossbow
Crossbow with flame arrow in Ark Survival Evolved. 

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