Thursday, February 3, 2022

Ark Lost Island Basilisk Locations

All the basilisks on the Lost Island map are found around the volcanoes.  The Basilisk is a rare creature on the Lost Island, and I thought I would share some of the spots where I have seen them spawn. They are not necessarily going to spawn there, but it may help with your search. The search for the basilisk on the Lost Island is important, because you need their scales for tribute to summon the boss fight. 

Lat     Lon
28.7   71.5
33.9   66.1
30.2   66.1
28.2   67.8

You are not likely to see a basilisk slithering on the surface of the ground, unless it is involved in some fight.  The basilisks of Ark Survival Evolved remain partially hidden underground, but you can see a little mound of dirt with the weird little whiskers sticking out that will detect prey.  When you disturb a basilisk be prepared for a tough fight.  They have a lot of health and can blast you poison, so be careful in your search, or just being in the volcano biome. 

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