Tuesday, February 1, 2022

How to Cut Hair in Ark Survival Evolved

Cutting hair is Ark Survival Evolved is simple enough, but you have to wait until you can craft a smithy, and inside it, you will need to craft some scissors.  Scissors are cheap to craft only costing 35 flint, 5 obsidian, and 6 metal ingots.  Once you make scissors, equip them and then use them by right-clicking.  After that, you will have some choices.  There will be a slider to reduce your hair length. You will be able to change hair color by using dye.  Any dye in your inventory will come up as an option to use.  After you cut your hair, human hair will be placed in your inventory and you can use that for crafting. 

How to Cut Hair in Ark
Cut your hair with scissors in Ark Survival Evolved.

Craft Ark Scissors

The durability of scissors is not good Ark, but luckily it is cheap to repair.  So craft up a pair of scissors, and give your survivor a perfect haircut and some style.  

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