Monday, January 31, 2022

Campfire Guide for Ark Survival Evolved

Crafting a campfire in Ark Survival Evolved is one of the most important things you can do in your first hour on the Ark.  A campfire in Ark will keep you warm, and cook meat.  Cooked meat will last longer, heal you when injured satisfy your hunger better than berries.  Burning wood will also give you charcoal, and you will need that down the road for making gunpowder and dye.  

You will be able to learn the campfire at level 2 and it is easy to make, costing only 12 thatch, 1 flint, 16 stone, and 2 wood.  

Don't get too close to the campfire in Ark, or you'll get burned.

The campfire only has three slots in its inventory, and one has to be taken up with the fuel, which is most commonly wood or thatch, but you can use sparkpowder and angler gel too.  Wood burns for 30 seconds thatch 7.5, and sparkpowder 60.  The nice thing about burning thatch is, it doesn't produce any charcoal, which can be annoying to manage when trying to cook meat, especially prime meat.  

Ark Campfire
Ark Campfire

The campfire can only cook one stack of the same kind of meat at a time, so it is efficient to cook two different types of meat, like raw meat and raw fish meat at the same time.  

One last thing that is good about a campfire is you can use it to burn off leeches.  To get a leech off you jump on the campfire and it will go away.  You will take damage to, so don't stay on it too long.   

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