Friday, February 4, 2022

Spark Powder Crafting and Use - Ark Survival Evolved

Sparkpowder Crafting and Use

Sparkpowder is a crucial thing to craft in Ark Survival Evolved, thankfully it is cheep to craft.  At level 6 you can craft sparkpowder in the mortar and pestle with 1 stone and 2 flint.  It doesn’t take too long to craft in the mortar and pestle, but when you move on the chemistry bench (lvl 82) your sparkpowder production will be launched into orbit.

Before you can make gunpowder in Ark spark powder is most useful for making a long-burning fuel for campfires, torches and cooking pots.  It burns twice as long as wood and produces no charcoal which makes cooking meat in the campfire much easier and crafting recipes in the cooking pot more efficient since charcoal will combine with berries and make dye.

The first thing you will be excited to craft that contains sparkpowder is gunpowder (1 sparkpowder + 1 charcoal).  With gunpowder and firearms, you can make some great progress in Ark Survival Evolved.  In addition to the uses already mentioned, sparkpowder is used for crafting the fabricator, chemistry bench, stimulant and more in Ark.

In order to power the preserving bin, place spark powder in the inventory.  Meat and other spoilable items in Ark will last much longer.  Three sparkpowder is also needed to make cooked meat jerky and prime meat jerky.  It takes

Sparkpowder for leveling up

Sparkpowder is great for leveling up.  For every spark powder you make, you will get 0.24 experience points.  It isn’t much, but it adds up quickly, and you can be gaining that crafting XP while away from base.  You will need sparkpowder later on for gunpowder and other things, so you might as well craft some up now for XP and save it in storage, or a dino that you don’t really use for anything.  If you are just joining a tribe and they have a chem bench you can use that to get XP fast.

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