Saturday, January 8, 2022

Ark Refrigerator and Preserving Bin

In Ark Survival Evolved the refrigerator is self-explanatory, but what is a preserving bin?  The Ark preserving bin increases the spoil timer by 10X of your meat, soups, stews, eggs, mushrooms, flowers etc.  The preserving bin is run using spark powder, which is easy to craft once you learn the mortar and pestle, and The only thing the preserving bin does that the refrigerator doesn’t is craft cooked meat jerky and cooked prime meat jerky.  I don’t find jerky all that useful, other than for making kibble and other recipes.  Each piece of jerky requires one oil and one sparkpowder, so while making jerky, you will be using spark power twice as fast. 

The Ark refrigerator increases the spoil timer by 10x more than the preserving bin (100x normal), and is a worthy upgrade.  It runs on electricity, so you will need an electrical generator, and be close to an outlet to power the refrigerator.  While somewhat expensive in resources, it isn’t too bad, for the increased effectiveness, and ease of use.   

Ark Refrigerator
Ark Refrigerator hooked up to electricity.

Ark Preserving Bin
Ark Preserving Bins making Jerky.

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