Friday, January 7, 2022

Ark Canoe Use and Review

The Ark canoe was an addition to Ark Survival Evolved from the Genesis Part II dlc.  I think the canoe is a great way to get around early game, before you can tame a good flier.  It is easily craftable at level 8, and while it doesn’t have the ability to build on top of, it does have a lot going for it.

Portable - the canoe is much lighter weight than the raft at only 15 whereas the raft is 85, which is not insignificant early in Ark. Unlike the raft the canoe can be picked up and carried or portaged to a lake or the other side of an island.  It can also be put into a storage chest so no other players can mess with it.

Fast and maneuverable.  While I find using the controls for the raft awkward it can navigate small rivers much better than a raft can.  It also doesn’t scoop up sarcos and other nasties, but you can still be attacked by them

Spawn point - the canoe acts like a spawn point, just like a bed!

Safe. All the creatures of the deep will ignore the canoe.  However, if you are swimming in the water and aggro a megalodon then the shark is going to come after you.  Luckily the canoe can outrun a wild megalodon. 

Friendly.  The canoe in Ark can hold three people, which is great.  The raft can be a tricky thing with friends.  Jump in the air on a raft and you will be left behind. It is wise to build a chair to sit on.  No such thing will happen in the canoe.  

Craft Canoe

Level 8

250 fiber

350 thatch

75 hide

75 wood

As your game progresses you will probably find less use for a canoe.  Some of the dinos of Ark will get to places faster while being able to defend you, or at least take punishment from the unforgiving water creatures.  The Ark canoe is still a great addition to the game and a true friend of the beginning survivor. 

Ark Canoe
Ark Survival Evolved Canoe

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