Thursday, January 6, 2022

Ark Lost Island Kairuku Locations - Penguins

Kairuku (penguins) in the Ark Lost Island map only spawn up in the central mountains, so if you are looking for Kairuku to mash up to make organic polymer you will find them there.  The  locations of the Kairuku are:

Lat    Long

42.8   41.3   

32.8   42.6

31.7   52.1

It is very cold up in the snow biome, so you will want to have fur armor or some other way of keeping yourself warm. Once you find the penguins the best way of harvesting organic polymer from them is to use a club.  Although it isn't fun, it's the best way to get orgainc poly from the penguins in Ark Survival Evolved.

Lost Island Kairuku Location
Lost Island Kairuku Location 

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