Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Lost Island Resource Locations and Dinos

I am enjoying the Ark Lost Island map and discovering all the locations of resources, and some of the creatures used for collecting resources, or that are just plain cool.

Below you can find links to blog posts on those topics. In each post, there is also a video showing where those resources or dinos are on the Lost Island of Ark Survival Evolved.  

Lost Island Resources

Lost Island Metal Locations - Where to find the best metal nodes

Lost Island Oil Vein Locations - Where to find oil veins to place oil rigs

Lost Island Gem Locations - Where to find red, green, and blue gems

Lost Island Silica Pearl Locations - Where to find silica pearls in the ocean

Lost Island Black Pearl Location - Where to find black pearls 

Lost Island Creatures

Lost Island Wyvern Locations - Ice, lightning, fire, and poison wyvern eggs

Lost Island Beaver Locations - Where to find cementing paste and Castoroides

Lost Island Griffin Locations - Where to find the griffin spawns

Lost Island Magmasaur Locations - Where to find the Magmasaur caves

Lost Island Bee Locations - Where to find honey and beehives

Lost Island Kairuku Locations - Where to get organic polymer

Lost Island Otter Locations - Where to find otter spawns

Lost Island Mosasaur and Squid Locations - Where to find the Mosa and Squid

If you prefer, here is a YouTube playlist with Lost Island Resource Locations Playlist 

Ark Lost Island Resource Location
Ark Lost Island Resource Location

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