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Organic polymer in Ark Survival Evolved

Organic Polymer Ark
Organic Polymer 

Organic polymer
in Ark Survival Evolved is a resource that is harvested from certain creatures on the Ark.
  Organic polymer is much easier to craft than it is to make regular polymer from obsidian and cementing paste, at least in my opinion.  Organic poly can be substituted for any regular polymer for crafting.  Polymer is required for many, if not most high-end items in Ark.

There are two major problems with organic polymer.  The first is that it only stacks to 20, whereas regular polymer stacks to 100.  This won’t be a problem with any vanilla recipes that I can think of, but you may run out of inventory slots in the fabricator for instance to craft items from high-end blueprints.  The second problem is that it spoils in 30 minutes.  You can double the spoil time of organic polymer by putting it in a refrigerator

Ark Organic Polymer Harvest
Organic Polymer is best harvested with a club or sword in Ark.

You will harvest more organic poly with a club than any weapon, but anything you can harvest meat with will work. Kairuku (Penguins) are one of the best creatures to harvest organic polymer from, and Moscops are the best dino for harvesting polymer from the Kairuku  Penguins are not available on all maps though.  

The following creatures can be harvested for organic polymer. 

  • Kairuku (Penguins)
  • Hesperonis 
  • Mantis
  • Karkinos (crabs)
  • Deathworms (as loot)

Don’t eat organic polymer, unless you need to respawn for some reason.  It is poisonous and you will lose 500 health instantly.

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