Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Fabricator in Ark Survival Evolved

The fabricator in Ark Survival Evolved is a necessary piece of equipment to progress in the game.  Without such basic items like scuba gear, you won’t be able to get artifacts on most maps and therefore you’ll never get to boss fights. The fabricator also makes hi-grade weapons and all the components for setting up an electrical generator and power at your base.  

Ark Fabricator

Unlike the smithy, the fabricator requires power, to get it to craft items.  Luckily it is just gasoline, which is easily made in a forge with oil and hide.  It does not take too much gasoline to craft up a few items, but make sure to turn it off when you are done to save gas.  

Resources to Craft the Fabricator (crafted in the smithy)

The only bad things about the fabricator are it takes up a lot space and is actually kind of noisy.  The resources required to craft it a well-spent to make the fabricator and progress in the game.  

Ark Fabricator, running with gasoline
Ark Fabricator, running (green lights) with gasoline 

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