Monday, February 14, 2022

The Chemistry Bench in Ark Survival Evolved

Unlocking the chemistry bench in one of my Ark Survival Evolved worlds is cause for celebration.  Gone are the days of trying to manage multiple mortar and pestles to make sparkpowder or narcotic.  Just set the thing, and it races faster than three mortar and pestles and the next thing you know you’ve got piles of powder and buckets of bug repellent or whatever.

Unfortunately,  you can’t craft the chemistry bench until level 82.  To me it really doesn’t matter what it costs to make in resources, it is worth it.  There is no wondering, should I build it like you might with an industrial forge or industrial grinder.  

Resources to Craft Chemistry Bench (crafted in the fabricator)

250 Metal Ingot
250 Cementing Paste
100 Sparkpowder
250 Polymer
250 Electronics

How to Power the Chemistry Bench

Ark Chemistry Bench

The chemistry bench takes a bit more to set up than the fabricator that you crafted it in.  Like the fabricator, it runs on gasoline, but it also requires
electrical power.  You will need to place the chemistry bench within approximately 2.5 foundations of a powered outlet.  Once you’ve got it near the outlet put gasoline in it and turn it on.  Now you are ready to go.

Important Chemistry Bench Stuff

The chemistry bench only crafts in batches!  You cannot craft one single narcotic, you will need the materials to craft a batch, which is 20 narcoberries, and 4 spoiled meat.  That will give you more narcotic (6) than you get with a mortar and pestle (4).  The chem bench gives you more of everything for the same amount of resources.  

Closeup of the Ark Chemistry Bench
Closeup of the Ark Chemistry Bench

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