Thursday, February 10, 2022

How to Setup an Electrical Generator - Ark Survival Evolved

Setting up an electrical generator in Ark and powering lamps, refrigerators, air conditioners, cryofridges and the chemistry bench is pretty simple.  It may be a little difficult to make it look good though.  The things you need to setup power in Ark Survival Evolved are a generator and gasoline to power it, at least one power cable, and an outlet.  None of these items are expensive in resources, especially since the electronics needed can be had by harvesting tek creatures.  

Ark Power Set up

Ark Electrical Generator
Ark Generator 

Set the electric generator as close as you can to where you plan to need electricity.  Place gasoline in its inventory and turn the generator on.  There is a button in the middle of the inventory menu to turn it on and off and also an option while looking at it.  Turning it on first will help you know if your setup has power. Snap a cable to the generator.  If the cable snapped to the generator and not the floor it will be yellow.  If the cable is gray, there is no power going through it, try again.  If the electrical generator is off the cable will be gray.  Now put an outlet on the end of the cable.  If it is placed correctly, it will send light up slightly and send out a few sparks. You can now power whatever you want within about 2.5 foundations of the outlet.  You will know if your lamp or, other station has power because a wire will automatically extend to that the powered item.  Most things will also show green lights somewhere, when power is on and connected.  

The wires are not pretty, but don’t cause any interference with movement, or placing other structures etc.  You can reduce the clutter of wires, cables and outlets by running them through the flour, our just outside where you set up.  This takes a little more work.  If you have the S+ mod you have the option of hiding the cables, which makes things look better, and is probably helpful in PvP.

Ark Electrical Cable
Ark Electrical Cable

Ark Electrical Outlet
Ark Electrical Outlet

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