Thursday, February 10, 2022

Freeze Dinos In Ark Survival Evolved Console Command Cheats

Sometimes it is helpful if the dinos and other creatures of Ark Survival Evolved.  Luckily, on single player, you can freeze them in place using console commands.  

To see how to enter console commands see links at bottom

The command to enter is playersonly.  Now all the wild and tame dinos will stop moving, although their legs move, like they are running in place.  Not only do the dinos stop moving, but the environment stays the same too. For instance, trees can be chopped, but they won’t fall.  Any players on the map in on a non-dedicated server will still be able to move around. To get everything moving again simply type in the playersonly command again.

An odd feature of being on single player and moving outside the render distance of where you entered the command will be that there will appear to be no dinos.  They just haven’t loaded in because to save computer resources.  Don’t worry you haven’t whipped everything off the map!

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