Tuesday, February 8, 2022

How to Enter Ark Survival Evolved Console Commands on PC

Entering console commands, or cheat codes if you prefer, is easy on pc single player. Some codes will be lifesavers, and some, if overused, will make the game boring.  

  1. Just hit the TAB key and the command line will appear on the bottom of the screen.  
  2. If you have never used codes before you may need to type in enablecheats and hit ENTER.  
  3. Now you should be able to enter the codes provided you are on single player.  
Some codes like gamma and fps may be enabled on some servers, but for the most part you are not going to be able to use cheat codes, which makes complete sense.  

If you hit TAB twice and the last commands entered will be listed.  You can use the arrow key to go up and edit them, or just hit enter again to use the cheat code.  This list won't go away until you hit ESC or hit TAB two more times.    Hitting TAB a third time brings up a longer list, and the fourth time closes the command line. 

If you are operating your own server the procedure is a little different.  You will likely need to enter in a password to enable cheats and then type admincheat in front of each command.

Here are a few of my favorite console commands





Infinite stats

Infinite weight

Give Item

Force Tame

If you would like to use codes on console check out this post Use Console Commands on XBox and PS4 5

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