Monday, February 7, 2022

Ghost Console Command - Ark Survival Evolved Cheats

Are looking to look below the mesh to discover new things about an Ark Survival Evolved map, or rescue dinos that have fallen through the map?  Then on Ark single player, you can use the ghost command.  

To use the ghost command on PC single player bring up the command line by hitting the TAB key.  If you haven't used cheats before type in "enablecheats" (no qoutes) and hit the enter key.  Now you can type in "ghost" and hit enter.  Now you will be able to slowly to travel through the mesh.  

Click to learn how to use console commands on Xbox and PS

The ghost command is great while using the fly command.  Simply type in "fly" hit enter, and then type in "ghost"  To cancel the command type in "walk", just like you did with the ghost command.  

Ark Ghost Command
The ghost command lets you pass through the ground in Ark.

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