Monday, October 4, 2021

Infinite Weight Cheat - Ark Survival Evolved Console Command

Playing Ark Survival Evolved and need more weight for building etc.  Then try this console command to get infinite weight.  Below are the instructions for PC, you will need to adapt this for conlsole command method for playstation and xbox.  

Hit tab to bring up the command line

type enablecheats if you have never used console commands, hit enter.

Hit tab again

Type infiniteweight and hit enter

Once entered your character will have an unlimited carry capacity, at least by weight.  You will still be limited to 299 slots.  Your weight will not affect dinos that you ride on. To turn it off and return to your normal weight capacity, simply type in infiniteweight one more time.  If you would like more boosted stats check out my infinite stats post.  

What are you going to use unlimited weight for?  Leave a comment.  

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