Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Valhiem Quick Tips For Beginners

 Today we will be looking at my top tips for brand new players in Valheim.  The tips will help you advance faster through the early stages of the game.

1)      The first tip to speed you along is crafting a crude bow as soon as can, and upgrade it as quickly as you can too.  The bow is a game-changer.  It allows you to easily take deer and birds to get you leather and feathers.  Without the range of the bow, hunting these animals is very difficult.

2)      Kill every wild boar you come across.  Early in the game the resource I run out of the most is leather scraps and these are only dropped by wild boars.  The leather scraps seem to go into everything you want early in the game, so take advantage of every encounter with a pig that you can.  Later on in the game, you can tame them for a steadier supply.  

3)      Flint and stone are the next resources that I run out of early.  As you come across flint and stone pick it up, especially near your base, since it will respawn eventually. Store the extra flint in a storage chest and make piles of stones. 

4)      Shield and leveling up skills. The blocking mechanic in Valheim is great, so take advantage of it.  Use it sometimes, even though it isn’t always necessary.  This will improve the blocking skill that will be useful as the game gets harder.  The same goes for running jumping and swimming.  Jump for joy and run more often than you need.  This will improve those skills for later.

5)      Finally, craft a bed, so you have a spawn point at your base.  Don’t forget to set the spawn point after you place it, otherwise, it won’t work. In Valheim you can have multiple beds, but only one of them can be used as a spawn point, and that will be the last bed you slept in unless you set a new spawn point. 

And those are my quick and dirty tips for starting in Valheim.  If you’ve already been playing this game for a while and have a tip you would like to share, please leave it in the comment section.  And as always leave a like, subscribe, and thanks for watching. 

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