Tuesday, October 5, 2021

How to Show Player Location on Map - Ark Survival Evolved

Showing your player location on the map in Ark Survival Evolved is not turned on by default in the Single Player Options. It is as simple as checking a box. Unfortunately on servers, it is an option not always selected by the owner of the server.  Without the player map pointer, the game is much harder when starting out on a new map, or a large map.

The player location shows up as a blue triangle.  

To turn on player map location in single player:

PC - Scroll down the general tab in the single-player options menu and just check the SHOW MAP PLAYER LOCATION box.

  Now your survivor's location should show on the map as a blue triangle that shows the location and the direction you are facing.  You can also add pins to your Ark Survival Evolved maps.  

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