Sunday, August 14, 2022

How to Add Pins to Map in Ark Survival Evolved

Placing pins on your Ark Survival Evolved map is pretty simple, but unfortunately, you can't just use your current location. You have to manually enter the coordinates.  

After you open the map on hit - 

PC - P key on 

Xbox - X button

Playstation - square button

Then you will get a little menu box that allows you to enter the Lat and Lon of the spot you want to be pinned, the color and name of the pin.  To remove the pin (marker) from the map select the remove tab and delete the pins from the map that you chose.  The best way to get the coordinates are to use a GPS, but if it is early-game for you, you can eyeball the location use the player map location in Ark.

I like to use pins to display the location of artifact caves.  Other good locations to pin in Ark are resource locations, bases etc.  
Ark Map Pin Options Menu
Ark Map Pin Options Menu

How to put pins on Ark Survival Evolved Map
Pins on Ark Survival Evolved Map

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