Tuesday, August 2, 2022

All Fjordur Artifact Cavel Locations and Coordinates

There are 10 artifacts in 9 caves on the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved.  All these caves are on the main Fjordur map, so will not have to travel to other realms to get artifacts for boss fights.  However, a few of the Fjordur boss fight terminals are found in other realms.  

Fjordur Artifact Cave Coordinates

0:00 Artifact of Pack and Clever 20.9  57.3

0:42 Artifact of the Hunter 3.2  32.8 and 7.7  39.1

1:39 Artifact of the Skylord 8.5  24.4

2:16 Artifact of the Devourer 3.7  4.0

2:47 Artifact of the Brute 49.4  14.3

3:14 Artifact of the Massive 71.7  1.6

3:38 Artifact of the Cunning 76.9  65.5

4:13 Artifact of the Immune 90.7  78.3

4:38 Artifact of the Strong 9.8  89.2

Artifact Cave Location Map
Artifact Cave Location Map

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