Wednesday, January 4, 2023

How to Make Gasoline In Ark Survival Evolved

Gasoline is very easy to craft in Ark Survival Evolved, you don't even need to learn an engram or have a recipe note.  Gasoline is crafted in a refining forge.  All you need to do is add 6 oil, 5 hide, and something to light the forge, like wood or thatch.  Those Resouces will make 5 gasoline in Ark.  It takes 30 seconds to make a batch of gas.  I the industrial refining forge you will craft 100 gasoline in 30 seconds using a proportional amount of oil and hide. 

Ark Gasoline
Ark Gasoline

Getting oil in Ark can be a challenge at times.  To get a small amount of oil for a few gallons of gas to run a fabricator or electrical generator you can harvest trilobites or tek creature.  The best place to go on most maps is to harvest oil nodes, which are in the deep ocean or sometimes in snow and mountain biomes.   

Harvesting oil from oil nodes in the ocean will yield a lot of resources for making gasoline in Ark.

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