Wednesday, December 21, 2022

What is the Greenhouse Effect in Ark Survival Evolved

Growing crops in Ark Survival Evolved is fairly easy, but getting good yields requires a little more thought.  To get started growing vegetables and berries you will need crop plots, fertilizer, seed and water, preferably water irrigation, so you won't have to worry about adding it. With those basic things, you will get vegetables etc., but if you want to get more vegetables, faster, you will need a greenhouse.  

Greenhouses are built just like any other structure in Ark, but they provide a greenhouse effect, which boosts crop production while reducing the amount of fertilizer needed per crop produced.  If you have lots a fertilizer, and space for crop plots you really don't need a greenhouse unless you want that first crop sooner.  Greenhouses do look awesome, and provide a bit of protection, but not much from hostile creatures and players.  

Ark Survival Evolved Greenhouse Effect Explained

In Ark greenhouse walls and ceilings provide a greenhouse effect boost, but there always has to be a greenhouse ceiling, or sloped roof above a crop plot.  Greenhouse doors and door frames provide no greenhouse effect.  The percent effect is displayed when you look at crop plot.  There can be a total of 300% greenhouse effect on a crop plot.  Each nearby ceiling or wall adds 15% greenhouse effect, so to get a total of 300% you will need 20 walls and ceilings nearby.  A greenhouse effect of 300% will make crops grow four times faster.  

Ark greenhouse effect display
The crop plot information displays the total greenhouse effect on the bottom.  

This weird structure yields a 300% greenhouse effect, even to crop plots outside the walls, as long as there is a greenhouse ceiling above. 

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