Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Ark Crop Plot Guide

To grow crops in Ark Survival Evolved, you will need to craft crop plots, which are simple structures that require common resources to make.  Tek crop plots on the other hand, are crazy expensive in resources, but are awesome!  Small, medium and large crop plots can be crafted in your inventory and the differences between them are best displayed in the table below.  

Crop plots can be placed on foundations or relatively flat ground.  Once placed, the crop plots will need water, fertilizer and the seed of the plants you wish to grow.  Water can be provided by rain, irrigation, and various water vessels.  For example, to get water from a water skin into the plot you will need to put full one in the crop plot inventory and then use the water skin.  The skin will now be empty, and when you look at the crop plot it will say how much water is in it.  On many maps rain may be enough water to grow plants in a large crop plot since it holds a lot of water and probably will not dry out between rains.  

Crop Plot Stats

The nitrogen that is needed for the crops to grow can be found in feces off of the ground or you can craft fertilizer with compost bins or dung beetles.  

Crop plots do not have to be inside a greenhouse, but under a greenhouse ceiling the plot will get a greenhouse effect, which will make them grow faster.

Ark Crop Plot Sizes
Small, medium, and large crop plots.

Only large crop plots can grow plant species x, y, and z. 

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