Saturday, February 20, 2021

How to Support Fat Frog's Swamp YouTube

Welcome Fat Frog's Swamp blog ( where I predominantly share how-to style videos and articles from my Fat Frog's Swamp YouTube channel  I really appreciate all the support over the years.  To help my channel grow there are several things you can do that help motivate me and get more viewers to the channel.  I hate begging, but these things really make a difference in pleasing the YouTube algorithm god, and it just loves viewer engagement.   

1) Like the videos.  Giving a thumbs up to a video really helps it rank higher.  

2) Leave a comment.  I love comments even more than the algorithm.  I like connecting with viewers, getting questions, suggestions for videos, and constructive criticism.  I do my best to respond to all the comments that aren't mean-spirited.  I have come a long way on the path to improving my videos largely based on constructive criticism, requests, and suggestions in the comments section. 

3) Share a Video.  Sharing a video with someone you think will enjoy it, is also very helpful, and YouTube loves it.  

4) Financial.  YouTube just added an option to leave a Super Thanks on videos.  This is much like the Super Chat feature that allows a viewer to leave a tip and have their comment highlighted.  It is a great and much-appreciated way to contribute to the channel's content.

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About me:

I am a wetland and aquatic biologist (nature nerd) living and in the Midwest of the United States.  Now it is probably obvious where all the frog and swamp names come from.  In the gaming world, I primarily play Ark, and the Battlefield series of games.  My other hobbies revolve around the outdoors.  Time is tight, so I play games to relax and share what I learn of Ark on YouTube and blog.  The more the channel becomes financially viable the more I can justify the time (to my wife) I put into making videos.    

Thanks again for all your support!

Fat Frog

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