Friday, December 16, 2022

How to Make Fertilizer in Ark Survival Evolved

To grow crops in Ark Survival Evolved, you will need crop plots, seeds, and some nitrogen source.  Any feces, and owl pellets will work grow crops, but they eventually spoil.  Crafting fertilizer will give you a higher nitrogen content, and fertilizer will never spoil.   

Fertilizer is made in two ways in Ark

1 - Compost bins.  Compost bins are crafted in your inventory from common resources (50 wood, 15 thatch, 12 fiber).  They are structures that can be placed on a foundation, or flat ground.  Placing three feces and 50 thatch into the compost bin will create one fertilizer in 1.5 game days. 

2- Dung beetles.  Tame a dung beetle by placing feces in the right slot of your hot bar and walk up to a dung beetle, a message will appear telling you to feed the beetle.  After a number of feedings the beetle will be your friend.  Once you have the beetle back to your base, put feces in its inventory and set the beetle to wander.  A tamed dungbeetle only eats spoiled meat, so make sure you have some in its inventory, or a feeding trough, or your tame will starve.  The dung beetle will turn the feces into fertilizer and make oil too.  

Nitrogen Content in Ark

  • Human 1,000
  • Small     3,500
  • Medium  7,500
  • Large     15,000
  • Massive 35,000
  • Snow Owl 50,000
  • Fertilizer 54,000

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