Friday, December 16, 2022

How to Use Water Skins, Jars and Canteens in Ark

Waterskins, water jars, and canteens allow you to carry water to drink when you leave areas with rivers and ponds.  

  • Waterskins
    • holds 100 water
    • leak
  • Water Jar
    • holds 200 water
    • does not leak
  • Canteen
  • Tek Canteen
    • Holds 900 water
    • Has a heat or cold source built-in
    • Cold provides stamina buff

To fill Water Skin, Water Jar or Canteen

When it is raining, or you are standing in water, access your inventory select the canteen etc. and hit the use key or button (E key - PC, Y - Xbox, triangle PS).   If you have the vessel in your hot bar select that slot and it will fill with water. Use the same keys to drink.  If you have a water supply from a tap that has access to water, place the vessel in the inventory of the tap and it will fill with water, or partially fill with water if it runs down a reservoir.  

Cool Water

Water Jars and Canteens can be placed in a refrigerator, and then provide a buff to hyperthermal insulation.  A jar or canteen is ready when a little ice cube forms next to it.  These vessels now have a spoil timer, unfortunately it is not the cooling effect that runs out, it is the water itself.  If you are heading out into the desert, make sure to bring non-refrigerated water with you, or you will just run out of water!

Tek Canteen

The Tek Canteen is pretty amazing.  Not only does it hold 900 water it can keep it hot, or cold to give you a buff in bad weather.  A cold Tek Canteen will also boost your stamina!

Tek Canteen menu
Use this menu to turn a Tek Canteen from hot to cold.

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