Friday, December 18, 2020

The Refining Forge and Industrial Forge in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved Refining Forge
Refining Forge

You won't get far in Ark Survival Evolved without a refining forge.  The humble refining forge is needed to convert raw metal and scrap metal into metal ingots, so you can craft useful items.  It is also needed to make gasoline. The refining forges are small and don't take many resources, and no rare ones. Industrial forges are bigger in every way.

Resources to Craft A Refining Forge

  • 125 stone
  • 5 flint
  • 65 hide
  • 20 wood or fungal wood
  • 40 fiber

If you have a large tribe or just big ambitions then you need a lot of metal made into metal ingots.  So you either need a lot of refining forge or one gigantic industrial forge.  In Ark, the industrial forge runs on gasoline only.  It processes raw metal into ingots in batches and with amazing speed compared to the refining forge.  The industrial forge will make gasoline just like a small one, and so, makes its own fuel. It will also burn wood into charcoal, which is very handy if you require large quantities of gunpowder for your Ark adventures.  

Resources to Craft an Industrial Forge

Level 80 survivor

gasoline for fuel

While the Industrial Forge is expensive and huge, you will get a lot more out of it, than the more expensive Industrial Grinder.  Even though I am a solo player, late in the game I will build an industrial forge, rather than operate 3-5 refining forges.  It makes even more sense in single player since your metal won't be refining into ingots when offline.  

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