Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Industrial Grinder In Ark Survival Evolved: Is it worth it?

The industrial grinder in Ark Survival Evolved is a high costly item that you are only able to craft late in the game.  It doesn't make anything useful, it turns already crafted items, structures etc., into their raw resources.  You get fewer resources back then was put in when they were crafted.  

Reasons to craft the industrial grinder

1) You are part of a large tribe on PvP server and frequently loot bases and gather of surplus stuff you don't need, but are still valuable in their raw material

2) You constantly collect items from loot drops and have a crazy collection of ascendant Paracer saddles and don't even have a Paracer.  That's me.

3) You want to make a video or blog post about the industrial grinder That's me too.

Most people who play Ark aren't ever going to need an industrial grinder, but some of you will find yourself in a large tribe and collector of expensive but useless items.  So...

What resources are needed to craft the industrial grinder?

3,200 metal ingots

2,000 crystal

600 cementing paste or achatina paste

600 oil

600 polymer, organic polymer, or corrupted nodule

gasoline to run it

a lot of room at your base

A survivor at level 64 and above

OUCH!  That is a lot of resources, you, or your tribe are going to need to harvest or loot a lot of resources to build one.  You may have to build an industrial forge to get all that metal. For most, the industrial grinder is too expensive to make. It just isn't worth grinding out all those resources for what you get back.  I built one out of curiosity and to write this post and make a video.  I habitually visit loot drops and supply crates and get great gear that I will never use, but I just put that stuff in the grinder and I can't hit that grind all button.  My ascendant Paracer saddle goes right back in the vault.  

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