Thursday, April 13, 2023

How to get Polymer in Ark Survival Evolved

 To get polymer in Ark Survival Evolved, you can either make polymer, or harvest organic polymer.  To make regular polymer, you will need to be level 48, learn the engram, and have a fabricator.  One polymer is crafted with 2 obsidian, and 2 cementing paste.  Once those resources are in the fabricator, you will need to have gasoline in it, and turn it on.  If your inventory is set up into folders, you will find polymer in the composite folder.

Organic Polymer can be substituted one for one with regular polymer when crafting.  It can be collected by harvesting the corpses from a number of creatures including kairuku (penguins), hesperonis, mantis, and karkinos.  A club is best to use when harvesting organic polymer by hand.  A leveled-up moshcops is great for harvesting with a dino, and is probably the best way to go.  The problem with organic polymer is that is spoils fairly quickly, and it only stacks to 20.  Sometimes you can have a great blueprint and not be able to get enough organic polymer into the crafting station to craft the item.  

Organic polymer (left) and regular polymer (right) in Ark Survival Evolved inventory.

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