Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Top 5 Most Annoying Creatures in Ark Survival Evolved


Ark Survival Evolved has some truly annoying creatures in the game.  Many of these don't necessarily cause your character great personal harm, but they steal your stuff, stun you, blind you, etc.  Most tend to be small little turds that aren't very useful for much, especially in PvE.

My Top 5 Most Annoying Creatures in Ark


2 Troodon

3 Microraptor

4 Ichthyornis 

 5 Yutyrannus


I will say I wish the Ark devs would remove some of these or their most annoying traits from the game.  I have gotten rid of the Pegomastax spawns completely and reduced the Ichthyornis spawns on my current server.  My base is on the beach, and I have plant species X in crop plots, just to take out any Ichthyornis that might fly by and try to steal from my inventory.  I hate those little buggers, but I'll just have to deal with them.  

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