Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Best Metal and Crystal Location Arctic Biome Genesis

I think the best place in Ark Genesis Pt. 1 to get metal, crystal and obsidian is the Arctic Biome, and the best place is the path that wraps up around one of the mountains, about dead center in of them map.  Probably the best way to get up there is a bloodstalker, or a grappling hook and start collecting at 71.9 lat and 31.0 long.  If you need to come on foot or with some smaller dinos start at the cave entrance at 78.2 lat 28.0 long.  If you have larger dinos you can come up over the hill at 70.2  36.6 long, but that area is getting very dangerous.  

Metal, crystal and obsidian location map in the Arctic Biome - Ark Genesis
The best metal, crystal and obsidian location map in the Arctic Biome - Ark Genesis

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