Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ark Lost Island Silica Pearl Locations

Silica pearls on the Lost Island are all located in the ocean as far as I can tell.  There is supposed to be a pond with silica pearls in it, but I can not find any on my map.  The pearls in the ocean tend to be located close to the world border.  There are also a few places where they are close to shore.  The world border areas tend to be more dangerous, there are mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and squid there, and you are far from shore should you or your ride take a lot of damage.  Plus, getting back to recover your stuff is going to be a pain, but if you need silica pearls those are some of the best places.   The ocean is a perilous place on any map of Ark Survival Evolved. Below are the coordinates on the Lost Island for some concentrations of silica pearls, or some that are closer to shore.   

Lat     Long
71.9   71.1
89.7   22.2
87.1   26.7 + oil
78.6   07.1
38.7   17.5
15.9   26.7
13.5   76.4
69.0   88.3 + oil

Black Pearl Bonus
87.1   26.7

Silica pearls can also be found in Beaver Dams in the Lost Island.  

Lost Island Silica Pearls
Ark Lost Island Silica Pearls

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