Monday, January 3, 2022

Wyvern Egg Locations in the Lost Island - Ark Survival Evolved

Wyvern Nest Location Ark Lost Island
Wyvern trench in the Lost Island map, Ark Survival Evolved

If you are new to the Lost Island in Ark, you may be a little lost in trying to locate wyvern eggs and nests due to the map's large size.  There are two trenches or canyons with wyverns and nests in them, one contains ice wyverns, and the other, near the volcano has fire, poison, and lightning wyverns.  

Ice Wyvern Trench

Start - Lat 30.9  Long 37.8

Nests - Lat 34.0 Long 43.6

Lightning, Fire, and Poison Trench

Start - Lat 31.0 Long 65.6

Top of Cave Lat 27.2 Long 59.7

End - Lat 24.2  Long 59.5

Once you get there, it is easy to find them, and it is easy for them to find you!  Good luck stealing wyvern eggs and raising up some baby wyverns that will do your bidding.  Ark Survival Evolved is more fun with wyverns.  

Ice Wyvern Nest Location
Ice Wyvern Egg - Ark Lost Island

Other Lost Island Resouce Locations

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