Monday, January 17, 2022

Beehive Locations - Ark Lost Island Bees

Here I will show some of the low-hanging beehives on the Lost Island map.  From these hives, you will be able to walk up and take honey or get easier access to the giant queen bee. Use a ghillie suit to be stealthy and some bug repellant so the bees will leave you alone while you take their honey. 

Below are the lat longs so each place I have found a beehive whether close to the ground or high up in a tree.  It’s not a complete list, but I will add to it as I discover new hives.  In general, you will find the bee hives around the Redwood Biome. 

Bee Hives Close to the Ground
Ark Beehive Lost Island
Ark Bee Hive

Lat Long
45.2 49.7
48.1 42.9
51.3 44.7
51.5 49.8
52.3 48.3
53.9 44.8
Medium Height Hives
44.9 49.5
48.5 42.9
53.6 45.6
Bee Hives up in Redwood Trees
41.0 50.5
46.7 47.5
46.9 58.1
48.5   42.9
49.7 56.7
51.2 44.7

Ark Lost Island bee location map
Rough, and weird sketch of the bee locations on the Lost Island

Let me know in the comments whether you prefer to harvest wild honey, or tame a queen bee and make a hive.  I like making the hives, but I don't do the best job maintaining them with rare flowers.  

Ark Lost Island Bee Locations
Where are bees on the Lost Island - Ark Survival Evolved


  1. i just found your page, def going to check out your gps coords for my first time getting honey, ty.

  2. Good luck getting some honey on the Lost Island!