Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lost Island Magmasaur Cave and Nest Location

The Lost Island Map in Ark Survival Evolved has a neat little cave where the Magmasaurs have their nests.  It isn't too hard to get the eggs if you take your time.  You can lure the magmasaurs out of the cave by grabbing an egg and running or flying for it.  If you don't get blasted by their fire you will have the cave to yourself.  On my single player Lost Island map, I had three nests with four magmasaur eggs.  I got level, 20, 85, 85, and a great 145 egg.  That is probably the only magmasaur I will need.  Don't forget to eat the low level eggs, so new eggs will spawn in. 

They have updated the coordinates on the map, the coords below are accurate.  

Magmasaur egg cave locations 

Lat 23.4  Long 64.2

Lat 19.0  Long 67.3


  1. First coords are wrong its 18.1 67.2 video is right type is wrong

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix the coordinates for the magamasaur locations.