Saturday, December 25, 2021

Ark Winter Wonderland Event

I really like all the special events in Ark Survival Evolved, and the Winter Wonderland event is no exception.  I especially like the crazy good loot that Raptor Claws drops!  Raptor Claws appears at midnight, flies across the map and drops presents for good little survivors.  This year I got swords, saddles, and armor, most of it ascendent.  By the way, I am playing single player at difficulty 1, on the new Lost Island map.  In addition to the weapons etc., you get coal and holly to craft event skins, like ugly sweaters, and also decorations like stockings, snowmen, and lights.  Unfortunately, the decorations disappear at the end of the Winter Wonderland event, so I gave up on grinding for those holiday items.  In prior winter wonderland events, they would cover much of the map with a dusting of snow, and I miss that but imagine that it creates headaches for the devs.  

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