Friday, December 24, 2021

Lost Island Beaver Dam Locations

So far I have not seen many Castoroides on the Lost Island map in Ark Survival Evolved.  While there are not many, there are at least three Beaver Dam locations on the Lost Island. If they add any new locations, or I missed any, I will add them to the list. The coordinances below have been updated after a patch that changed the coords on the lost island.  

Baskar River (there are many possible spawn locations)
Lat.        Long.
63.5       66.7
62.2       66.4
61.2       67.1
60.2       63.0

Hilda Pass
33.8       31.8

Schoola Jungle
22.1        39.4

Ark Lost Island Beaver Dam
A castoroides dam on the Lost Island.

Beavers are the best solution to gaining cementing paste.  Cementing paste is a real pain to craft as it takes crazy amounts of stone and chitin.  The dams are also great for getting a fair amount of wood, if you don’t have to travel too far with all the weight.  The other good resources are the silica pearls, which is nice if you have a base away from the ocean, or just need a few really quick.  Castoroides themselves are great for harvesting wood, as you would imagine, and can be used as a smithy, which might be handy for some.   

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