Friday, March 10, 2017

Simple Bed, Bunk Bed and Sleeping Bag in Ark Survival Evovled

One thing you can't live without in Ark Survival Evolved is a fixed spawn point.  For one of those you need a hide sleeping bag, simple bed, or bunk bed.  Without they you will have to spawn in a random location of a region, which could be far from you resources and very close to danger, which is something you definitely don't want when you have weapons and armor.  All of these items can be named so they are easy to identify on the respawn screen.

In addition to using beds as spawn points you can use them to fast travel to any point on the map where you have another bed.  The main drawback of this is that you have to take off all your armor and deposit your entire inventory before you travel, so you had better have a spare set of weapons and armor waiting for you by the other bed.   

Hide Sleeping Bag

This is simple to craft and the engram is available to learn at level 5.  The main problem with them is they only work once.  However you can put them down anywhere there are no obstructions.  They are great on an adventure to a dangerous cave or near an enemy base when your tribe is going on a raid.  

25 - hide
15 - fiber

Simple Bed

This is the best of the three for general use.  It must be placed on a foundation and has a cool down time so if you die shortly after respawning you won't be able to use it for awhile.  That problem is easily solved by putting down multiple beds.  The nice thing is you can place them right on top of one another. 

15 - wood
80 - thatch
30 - fiber
40 - hide
Simple Bed Ark Survival Evolved
Simple Bed

Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds look really cool, but they are super expensive to craft for what you get out of them.  Their only advantage over the simple bed is they have half the cool down time.  It is much cheaper to craft multiple simple beds and place them all in the same spot, save your 320 metal ingots for something important.   

80 - polymer
200 - pelt, wool, or hair
320 - metal ingot
280 - fiber
120 - hide

Bunk Bed
Bunk Bed

Note: since publishing this post the devs have introduced the Ark Canoe, which can also be used as a spawn point/

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