Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ovis Taming - Stupid Sheep in Ark Survival Evovled

The Ovis is a type of sheep in Ark Survival Evolved.  These beasts are very rare, probably for two reasons.  The first is they don’t spawn very often, I have only seen one so far.  The second is that they are useless in a fight.  Pretty much any predator can kill an Ovis, and I’m guessing the stupid creatures are killed by wild dinos within a couple of minutes of spawning.  The first one I tamed, tamed out at 92 and was terribly wounded by a compy or two and then finished off by some stupid titian bugs, more on that later.

The Ovis is really only good for two things.  The first is probably the only thing that it should be used for and that is for growing wool.  Wool can be used to craft a number of things, and I am assuming the developers will be adding more.   Wool is harvested with scissors you craft in the smithy.  Like a real sheep the ovis will grow more wool to harvest later. 

The second thing you can use an ovis for is climbing cliffs, and this virtual creature can climb them as well as any mountain goat.   The main problem with that is you might get your Ovis killed, like I did, on your way to a cliff.  I think it would be best to leave the Ovis back at base.  If you are one of those that like having the challenge of not using fliers, this sheep might be a good way to get at resources high up in the mountains, as long as there is nothing dangerous nearby.

The Ovis is a passive tame and requires sweet vegetable cakes, which you can make in a cooking pot, or industrial cooker.     

Ovis can be harvested for mutton!

 My Tame Ovis my Dead Ovis
Taming an Ovis in Ark
Me and my tame Ovis - Ark Survival Evolved

As I said I tamed the first Ovis I saw. I was able to rescue one from the harsh reality of Ark Survival Evolved.  I dropped her off in my T-rex taming pen and passively tamed her in no time.    Shortly after I decided to take her to a nearby cliff to test out those climbing skills.  She was at 100% health, but that didn’t last long.  We were attacked by a couple of compies and they did mad damage to her.  I tried to fight back, but the Ovis is so slow, has a terrible turn radius, and barely any stamina, so I couldn’t get any hits on the damn compies with her.  I jumped off and started to stab at my feet with my pike to avoid hitting the Ovis.  When I saw that she was extremely bloody I whistled for her to follow and I thought we’d make a mad dash back to base, but in my panic, I didn’t whistle passive so the dumb sheep was killed by some bugs seconds later while her dumb tamer watched in horror and then began harvesting mutton. 

The Ovis is super cute, and as soon as I can I am going to tame another one, but when I do it is not leaving the barnyard!

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