Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ark Sweet Vegetable Cake

The sweet vegetable cake in Ark Survival Evolved is required to tame and feed some of the games animals and is used to heal herbivores.  

How to Craft Sweet Vegetable Cakes

You will need to make sweet vegetable cakes in the cooking pot, or the industrial cooker.  You do not need to unlock an engram to make the cakes, just put all the ingredients in the cooker needed to make it. 

Resources to craft sweet vegetable cakes

  • 2 Giant Bee Honey
  • 4 Sap
  • 2 Rockarrot
  • 2 Longrass
  • 2 Savoroot
  • 4 Stimulant
  • 25 Fiber
  • 1 water

Cakes for taming

Sweet vegetable cakes are required to passively tame ovis (sheep).  After they are tamed, they will eat any other vegetarian food. The cakes are also required to tame achatina (snail) in Ark.  The achatina will only eat veggie cakes after they are tame, which makes keeping them difficult.

Cakes for healing 

Unlike carnivores, which can be force-feed any meat (other than spoiled) to heal, herbivores can only be feed sweet vegetable cakes to get a health boost.  The boost they get is very significant (500 HP), but there is a cool-down timer of 30 seconds between use.  Still, the cakes are a good thing to have around when you take a herbie into battle.  

Ark Sweet Vegetable Cake
Ark Sweet Cake

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