Saturday, March 12, 2022

Beaver Dam Locations on the Island Map - Ark Survival Evolved

There are five locations on the Island Map where you can find the location of Beaver Dams and of course giant beavers.  Inside the beaver dams, you will usually find cementing paste, silica pearls, rare flowers, rare mushrooms, and wood.  This makes the dams a very important resource on the Island Map, and any map the castorodies spawns.  

Island Map Beaver Dam Locations

  • Lat     Lon
  • 73.1   42.9
  • 81.3   58.8
  • 54.2   29.8
  • 42.3   67.8
  • 47.9   62.6
Make sure to break the beaver dams by emptying all the resources out of them, even if you don't need them.  If you only take out the cementing paste, for instance, it will never spawn back into the dam.  The is important to you and courtesy to others on a server.  

Island Beaver Dam Locations
Island Map Beaver Location

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