Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to Increase Egg Laying in Ark Survival Evolved

There are two things you can do to increase the number of eggs your dinos lay in Ark Survival Evolved.  On my kibble farms, I use both of these. 

First, have at least one male.  This gives the female a mate boost and will not only help her in a fight, but will make her drop more eggs.  The male will have an effect on multiple females, but only within a certain range.  You can tell if your creature is mate boosted by the little heart floating above their name.  If you have a ton of any one species, you may need more than one male.   If all you are using the male for is the egg laying boost there is no need to worry about what level it is.  Some people say that have two males is more effective on a larger number of females, but I haven’t tested it.
A solid heart above a tame's name shows that it is mate boosted.

Oviraptor Increase Egg Laying - Ark Survival Evolved
Oviraptors can help increase egg laying of tame dinos.

The second involves more steps but isn’t that tricky.  Use an oviraptor to get an egg laying boost.  Tame an oviraptor by knocking it out and feeding it eggs, Rex eggs are supposed to be the best. Oviraptors take a long time to tame, so search for a low-level one.  After you have the little bugger tamed bring it to where you have your dinos.  Pack its inventory with rocks or wood until it becomes overburdened and cannot move.  Then set it to wander.  You will notice that all creatures will have an egg floating over their name and stats, this means they are now egg boosted and will lay more eggs.  Creatures that don’t lay eggs will still have the little egg symbol.  Like the mate boost, the egg boost from the oviraptor only works within a certain range, so you may need more than one oviraptor, if your kibble farm is large. 

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