Sunday, April 2, 2017

Massive Flyer Nerf: Ark Survival Evolved

The flyer nerf for the new patch for Ark Survival Evolved is upon us!  There was much speculation in the community as to just how the nerf would affect flyers.  Many thought it might be damage models, stamina, speed, platform saddles, and pretty much every other aspect of the Pteranodon, Tapejara, Quetzal, Argentavis, and Wyvern.  However, the nerf seems to affect speed the most.  On vanilla servers, and single player games with regular settings, speed is capped as follows



The speed caps make these flyers painfully slow in Ark if you buffed the speed of your tames.  I flew around much of the center map on my newly nerfed Argentavis and it took forever.  The flight speed was very slow and I had to make frequent stops to regain stamina.  I even had to stop to get extra food for the Argie.  I have the dino food drain set high to increase taming speed, so it burned through hundreds of raw meat to make it around the map.  I’ve never had that problem before. 

Stamina of all the flyers really suck Another problem I noticed is the Quetzal

This nerf really sucks and its going to make me rethink how I play my single player PvE game, and maybe that’s not a bad thing.  I think I might be better off have a number of small base throughout the island to keep land based dinos like the new Iguanodon.  I was planning on doing that anyway, but now I am going to forced to do it very soon.   At those bases I can make taming pens and keep a Quetzal, which are really, really slow now. 

What do you guys think, how is it going to change your gameplay?

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