Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bandage Pouch vs the Medical Crate Battlefield 1

Many wonder what the difference between the Bandage Pouch and the Medical Crate is in Battlefield 1.  At first it would seem that the med crate must be better because you have to pay for it with war bonds in BF1 and gain XP to unlock it in BF4.  I would argue that for most situations the bandage pouch is better than the med crate, while both have their plusses and minuses.   

The med pouches are great because they can heal you and your teammates on the run, you don’t have to wait until you have some place to hide and wait for the crate to do its work.  As soon as you walk over a med pouch it you sort of it up and begin healing.  Now you can run to new cover or new objective and heal all the way.  If you are out in the open and get shot, toss a bandage pouch in front of you and begin healing on the run.  If you take any amount a damage the healing process will halt and you’ll have to throw a new pouch.  Likewise on the run you can toss a bandage pouch to your teammates and they can heal on the run or in cover if they choose.  All you have to do is point the cross hair at your team mate and hit the spot button or what every key or button you are using for that accessory.  The pouch will go flying a considerable distance to hit the teammate.  One of the problems using the med pouch is that you throw it, so if you want to use it, you have to run after it, or toss it up against a wall, so it will drop at your feet. 
Medical Crate Battlefield 1
Hiding by a medical crate to heal myself in Battlefield 1
The medical crate is great because it can heal yourself and other teammates with the push of one button, but you have to hang around the med crate and order to do that and that isn’t always a safe place to be.  If grenades are being thrown nearby they can destroy the crate as well.   The med crate is great for healing lots of teammates at choke points like the canyons in the Argonne Forest or one of the fortresses, the crate is also good if you are traveling around in a group and capturing a flag and everyone has to stand nearby anyway.   Dropping the med crate in these situations is also a great way to get lots of XP in the game, just be sure to check every now and then to make sure it hasn’t been destroyed by grenade spam.  Unlike the bandage pouch the med crate won’t heal you if you are being suppressed. 

I find the bandage pouch much more flexible than the crate, so I almost always run with them vs the crate.  The same goes for the ammo pouch when playing support, although it isn’t as crucial when playing that class.  Everyone has their own play style so the crate may be better suited to you while playing the medic class in Battlefield 1, but if you haven’t used the pouch in the while, you may want to revisit. 

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