Wednesday, November 8, 2023

How to Display FPS on Ark Survival Ascended

Right now Ark Survival Ascended is not well optimized and to help you understand what effects your ASA graphics settings are actually doing, you can tell the game to display the fps with console commands.

Ark Survival Ascended in-game FPS display counter

To enter a command on pc hit the tilde key (~), which is in the key above the tab and to the left of the 1 key.  Then type Stat FPS and hit enter.  The fps will now be displayed on the right side of the ASA screen.  To get the fps to stop displaying simply type the command again.  It will also stop displaying when you log out, and it will have to be reentered every time you start the game. The same command works for ASE.

If you are on pc and want a less obtrusive frame counter overlay, that is always there and can do it through your Steam account.  

Steam overlay FPS display.

Go to the Steam app.  At the top steam drop down menu go into Steam Settings.  From there go to the In Game menue and turn on the In-game FPS counter.  You can change what part of the screen you want the counter to be in.  This will now be in all your Steam games when you play.  

Steam App menu to add FPS counter overlay.

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