Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Double Barrel Shotgun in Ark Survial Evolved

The Double Barrel Shotgun in Ark Survival Evolved and its dlc's is one of the coolest weapons in the game, but not necessarily the most useful.  I like to use it for its fun factor rather than its utility.  The utility comes into play though in close quarters combat, even at medium range its power fades to poor.  However, when it's in your enemy's face it is the most powerful gun in the game.  It does 630 damage if all the 10 pellets land on target, truly devastating.  The two barrels fire in rapid succession, but the reload is long.  If your target is very dangerous make sure you can take it out in two shots, or you've got room to run after. 

The double barrel shotgun is crafted in the smithy and requires:
  • 80 metal ingots
  • 20 wood
  • 25 hide

It's not too expensive at all.  However, the shotgun shells really start to add up if you use it a lot.  They require
  • 3 -  simple bullets
  • 1 - metal ingot
  • 3 - gun powder
The double barrel shotgun is a lot of fun in Ark Survival Evolved and Ark Scorched Earth, it might save your life.


  1. I don't like using shotguns in any shooting game. They have a low number of rounds, slow when you reload, and as you mentioned in your post, the range is suitable only for close combat. However, when we talk about double barrel shotgun in real life, now that is a completely different story :) Now who wouldn't like to shoot from a gun like this: